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Orders will be shipped in late August due to a visit to Japan.

Apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding

Gold dog pendant designed with Hiragana word that means dog is hanging next to dog porcelin.

Word Picture Jewelry

Designed with Arabic and Hiragana

Handmade in New York


Jewelry can connect people

What does "connect people" mean?

Language is a communication tool. Jewelry designed with letters of an alphabet, especially in Arabic and Japanese, has a very unique style. When somebody notices you wearing my jewelry, you can start a conversation, like "In fact, this is the word for...". This is the original role of language: forging human relationships. That might be the first step toward PEACE. I hope I can connect with you through my jewelry.


Why do you use Arabic and Japanese?

As my father was an English teacher and my mother was a Japanese calligraphy teacher, it's no wonder I was very interested in other countries' letters. Arabic, in particular, has very elegant curvy lines, which are used to adorn books and architecture. The letters are very artistic and beautiful, just as Japanese is.


What's a "word picture"?

Forming pictures with different combinations of letters. Sometimes it's used as an educational tool because the image and the word are similar, making the word easy to remember.

A jeweler is cutting piece of metal on bench pin by jeweler's saw. The picture is in monochrome.
New York Manhattan view in sunset.


Satoko Komatsu
Born and raised in Osaka, she was influenced by her parents, English teacher and Japanese calligraphy teacher. While a university student studying Italian language and culture, Arabic and Hebrew, she went to Florence to study jewelry design.
After 8 years career as a jewelry designer in Japan, she moved to NY in 2013 to hone the design skill.
In 2015, she started to make her own jewelry.

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