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Focus on what you have

"Is the glass half empty or half full?"

This is a famous expression.

When you see half of a glass water, how do you feel?

This quote is generally used to indicate that a particular situation could be cause for pessimism (half empty) or optimism (half full).

When I was working for a jewelry company,

we were told to score every product, as our motto is improvement and innovation,

which is great mindset for making better products.

"If we change the design this way,

how much can we improve it and how many points would it get?"

However as a result, we always sought out what is wrong or missing.

In our daily life, focusing on what we don't have makes us unhappy.

In a famous business book "Who moved my cheese?" by Spencer Johnson,

mice don't think about why cheese disappeared nor miss what they had.

They just accept the situation.

When they have it, they're happy.

When they don't have it, they look for another.

It could be the same when we eat.

I know a person who eats every meal saying "oh, this is delicious."

I've never once heard him complain about food.

He is not a gourmet so I don't think he really chooses the best food,

but every single time he seems to appreciate what he has.

This attitude makes me happy and I feel I should have the same attitude.

Because I want to eat happily!

Focusing on what you have is good way to live pleasantly

even though I know a little extra always makes us happier.

A Four leafed clover is considered a lucky motif.

And there is a hidden heart in the motif.

If we focus on what we have,

we can live even more happily when we find a little something extra,

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