Peace mark cord bracelet.


You can choose round, heart or animal paw shape.

*Paw shape will be slightly bigger and have small circle for cords.

And choose cord color from blue, yellow and pink.

Please feel free to combine. (blue and pink, yellow and pink etc)

Let us know in remark.


10% of proceed will be donated UNICEF which is currently helping children in Ukraine.


Brass or sterling silver, polyester 
adjustable 5.5 to 8 5/8 inch long 


This item is not plated, it can be tarnished.

In that case you can use silver polish cloth. 

Each one has its own singularities.

I cut each one of the shapes out of metal sheet and finish, then shape each by hand. 

Delivered in organdy pouch (color varies), it'll be also a great gift for your precious one!

*7th picture is an image of package.


Made to order, it takes 10 days to complete your order.



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Peace mark bracelet

Peace mark color
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