Combination of tatting lace and hand cut brass pendant.


Metal parts' shiny reflection and cotton thread's soft brightness.

Gold color of brass and colorful thread.

These contrasts are very interesting.


Tatting lace is a technique for handcrafting lace from a series of knots and loops.(Ref 6th pic)

Sometimes it's called "lost art" because it takes time and each knot is very tiny.

In Japan, it's getting known in these years but I've never seen tatter in person in US.

This is very unique item.


10% of all proceed will be donated to No Kid Hungry.


Top: brass, cotton thread, 

Bail and chain: plated brass

Size: 3 3/8 inch

Chain: 17.7 inch

*In the 4th picture, the model is wearing different one but the size is same.
*If you want to change chain length, please note in remarks. No charge!


Handmade! each one has its own singularities.

I cut each one of the shapes out of brass and finish and shape each by hand. 

Delivered set with postcard, it'll be also a great gift for your precious one!

If you don't have pierced hole, we can change to screw type earring.


Brass color can be changed because the copper content of these metals can oxidize in combination with skin oils even in the air. it becomes darker like antique gold.

You can wipe with soft cloths after using and put in ziplock, these steps make original color last longer.


This item can be shipped in 1 week.

Tatted brass pendant

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