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Thank you bag pendant.


New York series!


Not in Arabic, not in Japanese. Inspired from the place where I am.
That's why I made this pendant.
There are many New York city symbols,  this plastic bag design is one of them.


When you buy food at supermarket, deli, grossary store etc,

at the casher, they put food in a plastic bag and this smile design with thank you is very popular.


Starting March 1st, 2020, the plastic bag ban will be effective in New York.

What you need is 5 cent for paper bag or reusable bag.

(You might miss this plastic bag!)


When you wear this pendant, this reminds you to bring reusable bag.

So AKA, reusable bag reminder.


This item is unlikely others, I don't gold plate.

As time goes by, its color changes into dark gold like antique color.

You can enjoy time-varying color.


Top: brass  Others: gold plated brass
15.7 inch long (including top)
top approx. 0.78 x 0.47 inch


Handmade! Each one has its own singularities.


I cut each one of the shapes out of brass and finish and shape each by hand. 

Delivered set with postcard, it'll be also a great gift for your precious one!


Made to order, it takes about 3 weeks to complete your order.

Thank you bag pendant

  • Free shipping to US.

    All of my jewelry is created by hand, placed in a plastic resealable bag, as item is wrapped in cotton pad and then shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope for protection with regular USPS mail.

    Satokomatsu doesn't accept returns. If there is damage to the piece upon arrival, please contact us right away and we will coordinate shipping a new ppiece out and return of the damaged item.

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