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A Happy New Year?

Have you ever wondered if this year will be happy?

Seriously? Will new year be happy?

How about your winter vacation?

You went to Times Square to see ball dropping?

That's gorgeous.

Or nothing special?

You went out a lot or visited some families or it was staycation?

Either way is great as long as you are happy.

There are big happy moments and many small happy moments.

How many big happy moments in your life are there you think?

You might not agree but maybe big happy moments come only a number of times you can count.

Like when you found somebody whom you like also likes you.

The moment you met your parents after years.

When passed big exam.

Success in difficult project,etc.

On the other hand, how many small happy moments can you think of ?

Nice coffee at breakfast.

Train arrived on time.

Somebody gave you seat on subway.

Saw beautiful flower in park.

Found extra chocolate chip in your cookie (you might get annoyed because of extra sugar??).

I can't count all!

Our daily life consists of small things and mostly it's just repeated everyday.

That's why we feel our lives are nothing special.

But if you focus on many small happy moments around you constantly,

possibly you sense your life is filled with happiness?

Life might be tough but enjoy the moment you have now.

If you figure out how many small happy moments surrounding you,

this year will be a Happy New Year!

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