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Dress for your video conference

It's been almost one month since the lockdown started.

Are you getting used to this life?

Working from home, eating meal at home every time, and your kids are always around.

And the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo announced

the lockdown would be extended until May 15.

It has already been decided that schools will be closed until the end of August.

The current situation will be regular; the so called "new normal".

I heard a rumor that a men's clothing store sells more jackets than pants.

It might be true.

People don't see the lower half of your body during a video conference.

Come to think of it, what are you wearing now?

Loungewear? PJs? Or a t-shirt?

What you wear is becoming unimportant as long as you are at home.

That's okay.

I always wear a t-shirt, hoodie and sweat pants when I work from home.

And nobody sees me.

I guess more or less, many designers are like this,

as opposed to their fashionable products.

But when you have an online meeting, maybe you get dressed.

You may put on make-up.

To give others a good impression or switch your mode.

How about wearing colorful earrings.

Even on screen, showing something colorful cheers up your client or coworker.

Lauren Rosenberg, an interior designer and CEO of Elaine Ryan LLC home decor company says

"even if we don't realize it, color has a significant impact on our lives.

It can make us less violent."

More details are in this article.

We can't go outside, however, the season is definitely changing.

Spring has come.

Flowers are blooming, trees are getting leafy.

Nature is filled with colors.

Stay positive.

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