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First and last post in 2019


How was your 2019?

Do you still remember a resolution of this year?

I moved to New York in April and married, that’s the biggest thing of 2019 (or in my life!)

After settling down, restarted making jewelry, attended a few pop-up event and couple of days ago, finally launched my website.

Having website is my resolution of 2016 or 17.

I researched some sites which offer free website. In meantime I tried to start blog.

Maybe you guess now, none of them I made it. You’re right.

Technically I setup blog, however I didn’t keep update it.


Because it’s free!

I didn’t take any risk.

That means it’s easy to quit.

I could say many excuses.

Now I have even my name in website address!

It’s cool, isn’t it?

It took a few years but anyway I made it.

Hope this keeps motivate me.

If you didn’t achieve a resolution of 2019, don’t worry. You can do it when right timing comes.

Wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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