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Flexibility is the key to stability

With the current coronavirus situation, aka COVID-19,

has your schedule been affected?

In Japan, all public schools are closed by the government.

Some companies shifted their working schedule to avoid rush hour.

Or employees work from home.

Many events got cancelled.

Hygiene-related products like face masks and toilet paper are sold out.

The Olympic games are now under consideration.

If this was cancelled, it would be the first time since World War.

This situation is extremely irregular.

If you have children, can you imagine they stay home all day for a whole month?

And you are not supposed to go to fun places with them.

It's almost like self quarantine.

Parents have to change their working schedules.

Having a schedule is nice.

Some routines make us feel comfortable.

My father loves following a regular schedule.

He takes the same train every day, eats meals at a regular time,

even if he's not hungry.

He has a study routine every day.

When he has a day off, he takes a walk along the same route.

And he seems happy with that.

But there are natural disasters;

earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, wildfires etc,

we can't avoid them.

What we can do is minimize the damage, living along with the nature.

Humankind is also a part of nature.

When something happens, flexibility is very important.

We are not able to control the earth.

According to the CDC, there is no vaccine or medicine for now.

The most effective action is washing your hands properly.

Don't panic.

Wash your hands, eat well, and sleep well.

Some schedules might be cancelled,

Be flexible; we are alive, we can still enjoy our life.

"Flexibility is the key to stability." by John Wooden

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