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High hopes

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

How often do you watch the news on TV?

How much bad news do you hear?

When you turn on the TV, you see terrible news every day.

Especially, the crisis between the US and Iran.

Some say it will lead to World War Ⅲ.

Why would a war start?

Because every side believes "We Are Right."

This stubborn attitude makes the situation worse.

Having conviction is important but is anyone's idea the absolute truth?

For example, somebody's hero might be someone else's enemy.

What if we could understand each other, even a little bit more...

would the situation be better?

The answer is "Yes"

A conflict is often caused by misunderstanding.

Listen to others with an open mind to avoid misunderstanding.

Even though, sometimes it seems others' ideas are crazy,

let's try to think about why they believe them.

You might understand where they are coming from

when you listen to their perspectives.

In Japan, people are not familiar with Arabic culture.

We are islanders, far from the Middle East.

What we hear about on the news is only awful incidents.

That makes people feel "the Arab world is scary."

I use Arabic letters for my design.

I'm fascinated with their beauty.

What can I do to change their bias?

I can introduce them to a beautiful aspect of the culture by working with Arabic letters.

With my jewelry, if somebody gets interested in Arabic letters, and then culture,

it may be a small step toward understanding each other?

That means a tiny step toward peace?

I know this mindset may seem too idealistic.

But "jewelry can connect people", and that leads to a peaceful world.

Those are the "high hopes" of my jewelry.

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