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Jewelry making process Part 2

I am introducing how to make my jewelry here.

The steps before the edge-filing process were described in my previous article.

After filing the edge, I used pieces of sandpaper to make it smoother and

polish the small gap where the file can't reach.

I use a file point with a small strip of sandpaper.

Then I changed the drill bit to a silicon pointer, and polished the edge.

By the way, this small motor is almost the same machine as a dentist uses.

This small silicon pointer is made in Japan.

I can't find such a small size in the US so easily so I brought a bunch of them from Japan.

When these run out, I have to cut and shape big one as I want.

With this process, the edge also gets shiny.

Then I sanded both surfaces with a grid of 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000.

At each level, I check if I can see the previous lines.

If I haven't sanded enough, I can see the satin lines

because I change the polishing angle for each sheet.

After the 2000 grid,

it's shiny but you can see the satin line.

I switched from a silicon pointer to a felt buff and polished the surfaces with compounder.

The Buff wheel spins very fast, causing the compounder to splash out,

so I wear a paper bib, mask and goggles.

I look like really dentist now.

I check the surface several times to see if there is any unpolished part.

After polishing, I washed with soap,

and removed any sticking compounder with thread, using it like floss.


In most cases, I ask for plating in a long-lasting color.

But for this one, I'm curious about what it looks like after it changes color.

This is brass so after a while, it gets dark yellow gold or brownish yellow gold color.

Then it would be like a freshly baked pretzel?

This will be listed on my website soon!

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