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Power of words

How do you feel when you see the person who always curses?

You may want to keep distance?

You may be scared?

You may think that person is uneducated?

The other day I saw a woman who was cursing a lot at a fast food restaurant.

In front of her children.

Even to her children, she used bad words.

Those kids seemed terrified.

At first I got upset.

I'm used to hearing bad words in music or movies.

But not in real life.

Then I thought she is making her life more difficult.

Maybe it's hard for her to satisfy herself.

Always complaining.

She can't help but complain.

She makes herself unhappy.

That makes people around her unhappy.

That situation makes her more unhappy.

It's a negative spiral.

Have you heard of "Power of words"?

In Japan, we say when we use positive words, it invites good luck.

On the other side, when we use negative words, it brings bad luck.

The more people say "thank you", the more positive things happen.

If you feel annoyed or angry,

please take a breath.

Then think about how it could be worse.

Convert it into a positive idea.

When you missed the train,

it would be good a opportunity to text your friend

while waiting for the next train.

When your child spilled milk on the floor,

it would be a nice chance to clean the floor; then it would be shinier.

It may be difficult to think in a positive way about unexpected things at first.

But if you try, then you might feel less stress,

that would be a good sign that things are turning into a positive spiral.

In the case of that person at the fast food restaurant,

it's sad but true, people judge the person based on the way she talks.

People tried not to see her, as they say

"Far from Jupiter, far from thunder".

She was annoyed not only with the staff but also the situation where nobody listens to her.

"Power or words" brings this circumstance.

Please try to consciously say "thank you" more often tomorrow.

You will no doubt feel better.

So, thank you for reading until the end of this article!

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