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Spending time now so it pays off later

2 months have passed since the "stay home" order was issued in New York.

How are you spending this time?

Are you teaching your children (or even studying together) at home?

Are you working from home?

Are you working out at home?

Have you been busier doing housework,

which is brought about because everybody is at home?

Researching new businesses?

Spending time on a hobby?

It's easy to browse the internet or binge watch TV.

Thanks to online entertainment providers,

we can watch many dramas, movies, and shows.

And it's good to refresh the mind.

Watching the news all day makes me sick.

Knowing facts is important but sometimes it's just too much information.

Staying home for a long time makes you tired, mentally.

But during this period, how you spend this time determines your future.

In fact, my online business became pretty quiet.

I guess it's simply because people are trying to save money,

and jewelry is not an essential item.

I can't release new designs and make new orders, so sales became less and less.

I started making new items, which are very different from my original Arabic motif jewelry and have a different price range.

Besides that, I started to study Spanish using a free app.

In New York, there are many Spanish speakers,

so it's good to know some words and sentences.

I started to take GIA online courses, and for a limited time they are offered for free.

And sometimes I work by doing online testing.

That's how I use the time recently.

When I was browsing the internet, I found the information about the free courses.

And social media often provides good news too.

The internet is very useful.

It's just too easy to surf websites by hopping from link to link,

and by the time you realize it, a few hours have already passed.

Now businesses are reopening little by little.

Are you just waiting for things to fully open?

It's not likely to get off to a great start.

Things will probably progress very slowly.

Even after it has started, it won't get as busy as before so quickly.

That means you still have some more time.

Please keep it in mind,

not the only internet, but everything has both a good side and a bad side.

It depends on how you use or see it.

Choosing to spend your time wisely is the only thing

that will lead to your success in the world after coronavirus.

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