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The motivation to write a blog in English

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Because I want to connect to the world.

Do you know how many people use English in the world?

According to Wikipedia, over 2 billion people speak English.

It's not only by native speakers.

Non-native speakers outnumbered native speakers by a ratio of 3 to 1.

2 billion people ...that is more than 16 times the entire population of Japan.

Quite simply, that means when I use English,

I can communicate with far more people.

I am Japanese.

I studied English at school for at least 6 years like typical students in Japan.

Unfortunately, we didn't have many opportunities to express ourselves in English.

At school, we concentrated on reading and grammar for test.

Not for communication with people from other countries, not for survival.

Basically, we could get by without English.

But once look outside of Japan,

we notice many interesting things.

How to access this information?

And vice versa.

What if you had an idea,

how would you tell others?

Nowadays thanks to the internet and social media,

it's getting easy to spread ideas.

However it is necessary to provide explanations.

People don't make an effort to understand languages they don't know.

They never try to know your idea.

You should let them know.


By using English.

It's time to speak up in English.

Using the most widely known language is the fastest way to access the world.

My jewelry has a concept: "jewelry can connect people" ,

which is a great idea, I believe.

To send that message, I also need to connect to people globally.

I'm practicing to express myself now.

That's why I write a blog in English

with a hope that you read this article somewhere in the world.

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