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The secret of logo design

On my logo, you see one motif.

It's a ring.

According to Merriam-Webster,

ring 1: a circular band for holding, connecting, hanging, pulling, packing, or sealing

It's connecting my name; satoko komatsu

And 'ring' is a symbol of jewelry.

"Jewelry can connect people"

On the logo, it's connecting my first name and family name.

Is there any better motif to describe my concept?

When I joined one event in New York,

I had to submit a company logo in advance.

I didn't have any logo until that time.

Before that, vaguely, I was feeling if I had my logo, that would be nice.

Let's make it...someday.

I tried to think of it.

Should I use any illustration?

What's the current trend of making symbols?

One thing I'd decided was to use the letters in "satokomatsu."

no additional illustration.

A lackadaisical illustration makes the company's image cheap.

That's all.

Without any idea, time flew by.

I researched.

"how to make logo?"

"Logo is something to describe your brand's concept."

I have a clear concept with my jewelry:


Connecting people generates smiles...

Then, how about adding a smiley face in the logo?

That could be a happy logo.

Or designing English letters that look like Arabic letters,

giving it an 'Arabian look?'

Show a connection between English and Arabic characters?

Or like Amazon, add a big arrow using an "s" curve?

Does that look like dividing people?

Oh, no, doesn't sound good.

I attempted some ideas; they seemed okay.

But none of them appeared to be perfect.

I was drawing numerous letters.

Connect, connection, tie, chain...using thesaurus

I came upon the word, 'link.'

I felt something as if something flashed into my mind.

I thought about a link motif like cable chain.

I tried a sign that looked like a hyperlink symbol.

Nah, putting something that isn't straight in the middle breaks up a letter balance.

I drew two ovals.

Too long.

Hmm, how about circles?


A ring image came up!

That's the perfect motif!

I jotted it down several times, then started to make it with illustrator.

A few days later, finally I did it!

It's a small thing but every company creates their logo very thoughtfully.

Because it describes their image.

It's interesting to look up their logo origins.

And it might inspire you, too.

Now I can use my logo to spread my concept!

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