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Failure leads to success

Failure is the source of success

Nobody wants to fail, even if they do understand this proverb.

If possible, I want to be a perfect person at all times.

Recently my family adapted cats.

They are 6 months old.

Everything in our house is new to them.

They don't know anything.

They don't know which room is ok to enter, or what things fine to scratch.

Until they try and then get a warning, they don't know something is off limits.

But if you are a pet owner,

you must think that you want them to avoid every danger and

stay safe before they get in trouble.

We want them to keep away from any possibility of injury.

However they never know until they face to each situation.

And we also never know what can cause problems.

Little by little, we figure out the way we live together safely.

Experience is everything.

The same is true of us,

We don't know what is good or bad until we try.

We can collect lots of information from the internet.

We may be able to avoid the worst case after reading this information.

But for success, somebody's method will not always work for you.

You have to go through trial and error by yourself.

Then, find your own way.

When we try something new and fail,

we should think this is a good opportunity to know what is not good.

Otherwise we never know.

However, if my cats delete my computer data,

I might yell at them.


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