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Look back 2020

There are only 2 weeks left until 2021.

How was your 2020?

Nobody expected this year to go like this.

2020 was nothing like 2019.

The word "New normal" has an increasing use. (Actually this is not a new word)

Disinfection wipes, paper stuff, and face masks disappeared from the shelf.

Who could imagine?

I remember my husband and I met our family on New Year's day at a diner in Hell's Kitchen .

And we know that won't happen 2 weeks later。

I feel this year has flown by very fast.

I didn't have many outside activities; stayed home all the time, but it still felt fast.

What did I do?

So now I will look back at 2020.


I met my friend from college after 14 years.

He was visiting NY from Japan on a business trip.

We still could travel.


We adapted 2 cats.


I planned to join some events in spring and summer with other Japanese creators.

The pandemic was announced, so we were forced to stay home.


I started to study Spanish.


Our 1st anniversary.

I started to take GIA courses online.


I joined the Renegade Craft online event. It was the first time to do live streaming.


Independence Day's fireworks were held as a remote event. (And that's also my birthday)


No summer event

We were looking for an apartment for our mom.


We had an interview and finally I got a "green card" (Permanent Resident Card)

Our mom moved close to us


No autumn event but checked out some small towns in the northern part of New York


I joined my second online event, Etsy x NY handmade collective.


A new vaccine was developed.

Luckily no one in our family got sick.

I learned how to cook, prepare, and preserve food a lot.

Improved some knitting skill (I really got into sock yarn! )and maybe some Spanish.

(How about English?? Don't ask me lol)

I kept in touch with my family more often.

But of course I miss my family and friends in Japan.

Even in New York, I hardly met my friends.

I could count how many times I went to the city.

Sometimes I forgot where I'm living.

However, being healthy is the first priority.

Still there is a virus.

Stay home, stay safe and stay warm.

Then hopefully, I can visit Japan in 2021.

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