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Fate, miracle or 'En'

Do you believe in fate or miracles?

There is a Japanese word 'En'

which means 'connection' or something happens because it is meant to be.

This is from a Buddhist idea about relationship and connections.

When you run into somebody in a totally unexpected place,

there is 'En'.

when you find something you wanted after a long time,

there is 'En'.

when you call somebody, and at the same time that person was going to call you,

there is 'En'.

I'm not a Buddhist nor fatalist but I believe in 'En'.

The other day, suddenly I got a message from my old college friend.

He said he would come to New York on business.

We made a plan to meet right away.

Then we enjoyed a reunion after 14 years.

We don't contact each other often.

Even when I was in Japan,

we didn't have a chance to meet.

But this time, despite his short stay in the US,

we could see each other.

Do you think that was fate?

It might have just been by coincidence that our schedules lined up in New York.

Then there must have been many coincidences at the same time:

Schedule, location, health condition etc.

The biggest thing is that both of us still feel "we're friends".

This is not because of how often we meet, talk or text.

Something different.

I feel this is 'En'.

You may know somebody who always misses the opportunity to meet you.

In this case, we say there isn't 'En'.

This doesn't mean you are not friends.

You just keep missing the chance to see each other.

You found this blog from among an enormous number of sites.

And read until the end.

What led you to that?

This could be 'En'.

My jewelry has a concept,

"jewelry can connect people".

I hope my piece has 'En' with you

and helps you to connect with others.

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