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How to enjoy staying home

Under the current COVID-19 circumstances,

we are recommended to stay home as possible as we can.

I work from home in New York so the shutting down of Broadway shows,

museums, and events don't affect my regular life directly.

However, spring is coming and I want to go out.

(Just now I heard restaurants and bars were forced to close starting March 17.)

How to enjoy staying home?

Thanks to the internet, some of us can work or take classes from home.

It might be good timing to binge watch instead of going out at night.

You can find DIY videos and make something with your children.

If you're interested in cooking, find recipes; it's a great chance to cook and stock up.

You can catch up on books which you bought but haven't read yet.

(both real and e-books)

If you're not too tired, you can clean the whole house from ceiling to floor.

What else can we do?

I have two cats at home, they don't go out.

They're geniuses of discovering fun.

Playing with each other, anything can be their toys.

Looking for comfortable spots, sleeping well...

They enjoy their life inside the apartment.

In other words, they're under self quarantine, maybe forever. (sounds sad though)

We can learn from pets;

How to entertain ourselves.

And one more big thing we can do online is shopping.

You can buy groceries, daily goods, cosmetics, fashion products etc.

As I am a part of the online shopping industry,

I offer 15% off of my jewelry.

If you are in the U.S., shipping if free!

Please take this chance ;)

Hopefully we can go out and enjoy the weather soon

and then you can enjoy your new spring fashion.

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