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New Event!

I'm very excited to announce that I will join a virtual event this coming Friday!

Renegade Craft is a curated marketplace of makers, designers, doers, and dreamers.

Last year I visited their event in June, held at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

It was very organized, well promoted and had a lively atmosphere.

I talked to some makers, and they all like this event.

Shortly after, I applied to their event, which was going to be held this month.

There is a screening process so I was not sure if I could attend the event or not.

But before hearing the result, because of the COVID-19 situation,

the event was forced to be cancelled.

Due to the inability to hold a live event, they started a virtual fair on their website.

This event is completely different from their physical fair.

It's on their portal website, so the 54 designers are not from all over the world,

not only New York.

The site is already open, so you can browse all artists' websites (and even shop!)

The main event is on June 26th.

We will have a live stream for 2 hours. (6pm-8pm EST)

Each artist has a unique live stream, so you can plan what you want to see.

I'm going to show how to cut my pieces, and then how to file and polish on my instagram account.

You can glance at a jeweler's bench work.

Some may think I cut the metal sheet by laser cutter.

I will prove that I cut by my hand using jewelers' saw.

And you will realize how simple my working desk is.

Besides the live performance,

if you have any request, please let me know!

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