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Jewelry, as a spice

How many ways can you think of to express yourself?

Language, dance, song, fashion, drawing etc.

In my case, besides language, I express myself through jewelry design.

How about wearing jewelry?

Does it express you well?

The clothes you wear is a very strong form of nonverbal expression.

And adding on jewelry is also one of the ways to express oneself.

Classy, unique, avant-garde, voluminous, rock...

your choice determines how you want others to perceive you.

In Japan, there is a very popular comedienne, Masami Hisamoto

She loves huge jewelry.

She is petite but wearing bulky jewelry never seems to overwhelm her.

Because it shows her personality.

Her fashion is colorful and unique, and so is her character.

She is cheerful and energetic.

Jewelry is not a necessity.

By itself, it's not enough.

But it's like a spice.

It makes your life flavorful.

It can add excitement to your daily wardrobe.

Hope my jewelry, which is my form of expression, helps you to express yourself

and brings happiness to your life.

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