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The reason I don't use solid gold

Once in a while, I receive a message asking if I can make a piece using solid gold.

I'm glad that somebody wants my design with expensive material.

However I'm not dealing with solid gold right now.


First of all, to deal with precious metal,

I need to change my tools to be able to collect all leftover pieces and sawdust.

Second, I want my design to be accessible to all.

Of course if I sell the same piece with K18 or K14 gold,

it will be expensive and make a larger profit.

At the same time, it will only be affordable for a limited number of people.

For most, it would end up being out of their price range.

My jewelry concept is "connecting people".

If it's very expensive, it can connect only a limited range of people.

In light of the material my jewelry is made of, it is not particularly cheap;

that's because the making process takes the same amount of time

as if I was using gold.

And especially the designing process takes a looong time.

Occasionally, I can think of the design immediately

(when that happens, I wonder "am I genius?").

Sometimes I feel like the idea never comes.

This is true of all designers.

The designing process is not only when they are sitting at the desk;

It's a life time work.

If somebody asks how long it will take to design something,

I can't give a clear answer.

Because I can't measure exactly.

If I calculate by the hour, the price would be extravagant.

Compared to how much time I spent on designing,

the cost of materials is not such a big deal.

So, if you are someone who is disappointed that you cannot order in solid gold...

Don't worry!

For the satisfaction of every single customer,

hopefully I can deal with solid gold someday soon.

When it is an available option, it will be announced!

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