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Thriving person

You've never heard this combination of words.

This is the one of the ideas I learned at my previous workplace.

This is the CEO's original combination.

We usually say things like "business is thriving" or it is a "thriving industry".

But he uses this word to describe personality.

This is a metaphor.

If his personality is active, friendly and energetic,

his business also goes well.

For example, let's say,

you find a nice brand's bag at an artist market.

You're very interested in their products and their quality seems great.

The designer explains well about the material, history, how to use etc.

But the price is a bit over your current budget.

You tell him it's not affordable at this moment.

Suddenly he stops chatting, puts away the sample bags, and moves back.

What do you think?

He might have thought this is wasting his time,

it's not worth talking to you any more,

there is no chance that he will sell the bag.

This is the case which happened to me.

In fact, I was thinking introducing this bag to my mom.

My mom loves bags, and she may like it.

But after seeing his attitude,

I lost my intent.

The very last moment ruined all impressions.

If our chat didn't end like that,

I would still have a good feeling about his items.

I was a potential customer.

A seller's personality influences a customer's decision.

There are lots of goods to choose from.

Then how do you pick out one from among many similar products?

We want to buy from the nicer seller.

That's the best part of shopping in person, isn't it?

Even with online shopping, we can get a glimpse of the creator's personality

through social media.

It's very important for creators to gain their fans.

The more you become a thriving person,

the better your business goes.

This blog is not only about my jewelry but also how I think.

I would like you to know more about me.

That would lead you to understand my jewelry concept better.

"Jewelry can connect people."

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