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Tough times brings opportunity

Under the "stay home" law, almost all stores are closed

and New York City is very quiet.

There is no lively atmosphere.

Times Square, the epicenter of the 'city that never sleeps' is unbelievably silent.

People worry about how long this will continue.

Nobody knows when this situation will end.

Some professionals say it will last for months.

President Trump says hopefully this ends by Easter.

(However many doubt this optimistic opinion.)

Now is a very tough time for everybody.

The situation look completely dark.

But believe or not, where there is shade, there is always light.

For example, in this circumstance, Amazon makes huge sales.

Hand sanitizer and disinfection goods manufacturers make profits.

Peloton's (the exercise bike company) sales are growing.

Among people who work from home, the app "zoom" is rapidly gaining popularity.

My creator friends started to sew face masks.

All are related to the virus or the demands of staying home.

I'm sure somebody will invent something totally new during this time.

Tough times bring opportunity, and necessity is the mother of invention.

While you are staying home with your children, you may think of a new business.

Like a DJ started spinning at his home and it exploded on instagram.

He says he just wanted to play music, and then it matched others' demands.

I'm also locked in.

I can't finish any more new products because the plater I go to is closed.

So I'm trying to make something new.

It might not work but who knows?

Be positive and creative.

There is no rain that never stops.

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