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Why you don't like to be asked "what's your new year resolution"?

The new year has started.

At school, in the office, or with family,

did your teacher, boss or parents ask you about your New Year resolution?

And did you feel fed up with that question?

I was the person who felt that way.

Why do you hate that question?

Because you think a resolution should be something great.

Once you announced it, you have to try harder to achieve it.

And you know you will end up failing.

Having ambitions is wonderful.

But being ambitious shouldn't stress you out.

It must be something you would feel positive about.

Sometimes the problem is the resolution is too vague.

We can't see the goal.

For example, you could say

"I will master Japanese language this year!"

How do you determine if you "mastered"?

Getting the ability to read? (What kind of book?)

Starting business with a partner in Japan?

Talking to Japanese people?

The important thing is to make your goal clear.

And divide it into small steps.

You must have a reason to have such a great resolution.

Maybe you like Japanese anime?

Or manga?

Or music?

So your goal may be watching anime without subtitles?

Reading manga in its original form?

Singing along with a Japanese song?

In Japan, there are three types of characters:

Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji (which is known as a Chinese character but not the same)

Hiragana is the most fundamental.

My jewelry uses word picture design.

Please look at this pendant.

This is a dog pendant.

This dog shape is embedded with the Hiragana characters いぬ which means dog.

You will see い on its head, and ぬ on its body, legs and tail.

Does this dog encourage you to study Japanese?

My New Year resolution is

"Expanding my business".

This is abstract.

Let's make it clear and split it into small steps.

The first step is making sales from this website.

What should I do to get attention to my brand-new website?

People say learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and upload a blog often.

Those attract more visitors.

The more PV (Page View) there are,

the more possibilities of purchase. (thank you ;))

And site analytics encourage me to keep updating.

I'm positive now.

If you failed a resolution at the end of the year, you don't have to regret it.

There is A president who failed a lot... and he never regrets!

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