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Are you shy?

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Do you feel you're shy?

I always say to others that I'm shy in front of a new person.

Even after the second and third meeting, I feel it takes time to become friends.

But nobody believes that I'm shy around strangers.

I can start to talk to new people, I can have a conversation,

But not like a nonstop talker.

Definitely not.

That's one of the things I don't like.

So how do I start a conversation?

Honestly I still consider myself shy.

When I'm a sales person, I feel I'm acting.

I'm playing a role.

Let's look at actors and actresses or even comedians.

Are they naturally social?

Some, may be yes.

That's their talent.

Some, may be no.

They are good at acting.

I've heard one very popular Japanese actor, he is very introverted.

Without a role, he can't even talk to a new person.

Ok, now if you act like somebody else,

what is an ice breaker?

How to start a conversation?

A common starter is giving compliments. (about weather, doesn't mean anything)

Clothes, hairstyle, belongings and if possible, jewelry.

Jewelry is the most personal item.

More or less, wearing jewelry has meaning to them.

There must be a reason.

Please think about it,

if somebody says that your earrings are nice,

how do you feel?

You might feel like explaining where you got them, or who gave them to you,

or why you chose them today.

You may start to talk voluntarily.

Jewelry can be an ice-breaker.

Then, what if your jewelry has an interesting concept?

For example, This feather pendant is embedded with English letters: FEATHER

Without mentioning it, it's a beautiful pendant.

But once your eyes got nailed on the letters,

this is not just a feather pendant.

It means a lot to you.

When you wear this pendant,

you may want to show off or somebody else might notice the alphabet.

That's one of my jewelry's goals.

"Jewelry can connect people"

So if you feel you have trouble starting a conversation,

how about trying this peculiar jewelry?

Shyness is fine, it's your personality.

The most difficult part of being shy is how to start a conversation.

`hope my jewelry helps you.

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