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What can I do for Australia?

When I was a high school student,

I visited Adelaide in Australia for 2 weeks with a study abroad program.

That's my first experience using English in a foreign country,

That's the moment the alphabet that I studied in a classroom became a real language.

It cannot be said enough that these 2 weeks in Australia shaped who I am today.

During my stay, I traveled by tiny airplane to Kangaroo Island, which is often described as Australia’s Galapagos Islands.

I held a Koala in my arms.

He was heavier than I expected; I felt like he was a small, calm bear.

(Of course I've never held a bear, that was just my impression.)

Now, this island is burning.

The bushfires have burned through one-third of Kangaroo Island.

Experts working on the island say the fires have killed thousands of koalas and kangaroos.

It is burning my memories.

What can I do for them?

It's been a while since its initial release.

Now, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to World Wildlife Fund Australia.

(If you know other organization to help wildlife, please let me know)

This shape is designed with the word for in Arabic "كوالا".

It's quite unique as Koala is.

If you want to take action for them,

you can donate,

if you are a Koala-lover, let's get this pendant.

I'm always happy to make them.

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