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Charity without fortune

Do you think charity requires money?

The answer is no.

Donations require money.

But charity doesn't always involve money.

In the teachings of Buddha,

there are "Seven charities without fortune":

Having an attentive heart.


Being mindful.



Sharing one's chair.

Sharing one's room.

My translation might not be exactly accurate.

But one thing I try to keep in mind is "smile".

Did you ever imagine that these are forms of charity?

Charity is not only giving money but also creating a comfortable atmosphere.

When you smile, that means you are not going to fight with the person in front of you.

That means you show them a nice attitude,

That makes a person feel comfortable.

So smiling can be considered a kind of charity.

And that is the easiest kind.

This bracelet is embedded with the Arabic word and has two smiles.

This makes you smile, doesn't it?

With this bracelet, you can generate a nice atmosphere.

Not only you but also the people who see the bracelet will smile.

From small beginnings come great things.

Start with the closest person, let's make them happy.

Then we can make this world better little by little.

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