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The reusable bag reminder

Starting March 1st 2020, the ban of plastic bag is effective in New York.

When you go shopping, you can't get plastic bags to carry your food.

What you need is to pay a 5-cent fee for a paper bag, or bring your own bag.

In other states like Hawaii, this ban has already taken effect.

In recent years, plastic has become a big issue.

You may have already had an experience with paper straws.

Soon after using it, it gets soggy, which I don't like.

If they give us paper straws, I prefer drinking from the cup directly.

It's the same thing as drinking with a mug so I don't mind.

And plastic bags are very convenient but regular ones are not bio-degradable.

Luckily, there are many types of reusable bags.

My mom likes reusable bags.

Usually they are bigger than plastic bags

so they are very useful for putting many things together.

(Holding that heavy bag is my dad's role (^_^;))

And their design is more fashionable than a plastic bag.

So she has a bunch of reusable bags, almost as though she were collecting.

(Is that eco-friendly??)

Anyway, she doesn't forget to bring a reusable bag.

But how about you?

Even after understanding that using a non-plastic bag is better.

don't you forget to bring the reusable bag?

That's me.

I often forget.

Here is a good item.

This is a famous plastic bag design, especially in New York:

'smiley face' and 'thank you'.

You may have seen at many places like a food vendor, grocery store,

when you ordered takeout food etc.

In the future, you might miss this design.

When you wear this pendant, it reminds you to bring a reusable bag, doesn't it?

(And also makes you smile ;))

Let's have a nice eco-friendly life!

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